God Story - Dane



One night changed everything! Dane shares the story of how he found his way back to God’s love.


Every story matters. There are big God stories, for sure, but there are no insignificant stories as every story is a God Story. Just like the stories shown on this page, these Gatekeeper family members shared their stories with us for the benefit of everyone. We love hearing what God has done and is doing in people’s lives in our community, and we’ve made it super simple for you to share yours.

God Story - Don and Lauren
God Stories

Don & Lauren

Discouraged by a negative report for their unborn baby, Don and Laurene sought comfort in prayer together with people from the community. Watch the story...

God Story - Nicholas
God Stories


Filled with anxiety and worry over his future and the future of his family, Nicolas shares how a single act of obedience brought unbelievable breakthrough.

God Story - Kelvin
God Stories


Here’s a man who was rejected by his dad, grew up a rebel, and got caught up in drugs and alcoholism. But everything changed this...