Unjust Judge and the Persistent Widows

Thursday, January 1, 1970

Now Jesus was telling the disciples a parable to make the point that at all times they ought to pray and not give up and lose heart, saying, “In a certain city there was a judge who did not fear God and had no respect for the man. There was a (desperate) widow in that city, and she kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice and legal protection from my adversary.’

For a time, he would not; but later he said to himself, ‘Even though I do not fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow continues to bother me, I will give her justice and legal protection; otherwise, by continually coming she (will be an intolerable annoyance and she) will
wear me out.”

Then the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says! And will not (our just) God defend and avenge His elect (His chosen ones) who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay (in providing justice) on their behalf? I tell you that He will defend and avenge them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find (this kind of persistent) faith on the earth?”.


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