Healthy & Free

Healthy & Free

healthy & FREE

How great would it be if you wake up every morning full of health, full of energy, fully confident to make the best out of your day without any limitations. That’s God’s plan for your life. Live healthy & free.

Christians should be the healthiest people on earth because God made us and He dwells in us. Our bodies are his temple and therefore we are sanctified.

Many of us want to life healthy and we start focusing hard on one area of life. Our eating habits, exercise, prayer life, but in the end we fall short because we are out of balance and neglecting the other aspects of our life. This can lead to spiritual disconnection, bad eating habits, depression, poor rest, and lack of exercise.

In ‘Healthy and Free’, Beni Johnson teaches us that the foundation of a healthy and free life is all about body, mind and soul. Topics that will be discussed in this equip group are:

  • Find your why: Learn the motivating secret to pursuing a healthy lifestyle as your new normal.
  • Discover the many ways your spirit, soul and body are interconnected and how health in one area directly effects another.
  • Start simple: Receive practical and easy-to-implement steps to begin walking in health right now.

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